Euphonik puts his two cents on Bonang’s affair with AKA ;-)

Zinhle confirmed this afternoon an affair between Bonang and AKA, that led to the breakup between herself and AKA.

Bonang’s ex-boyfriend Euphonik has added spice to the mix.

The 5fm DJ took to Twitter to weigh in on the cheating scandal, throwing some serious shade in a sub-tweet that is clearly aimed at Queen B


Rumor that Barthe Cortes and Maya Van den Berg had already gotten married

there was a rumor that Barthe Cortes and Maya Van den Berg had already gotten married in a secret wedding , Is It True?
I read that on cafemacchiatoo.blogspot

What Men Get Wrong On Tinder

“Creepy girls finish last.” This would be me. Ms Creepy. It’s been four hours since I “matched” with some guy on Tinder, the GPS-based hook-up app, and I’m being told off – by the app – because I still haven’t talked to him.

Let’s call Tinder Guy “Drew”.

I haven’t talked to Drew because I’ve been too busy fielding texts from eight other men I’ve already matched with (plus another four who, like Drew, are also not talking to me and are 
presumably getting the same gender-adjusted passive aggressive messages telling them how they are losing at life).

Two of the men have already asked to make contact on Whatsapp. My phone is buzzing every five minutes with a new colour-coded communication: orange for Tinder, green for Whatsapp. It’s unrelenting. This is just the first 24 hours.

Let’s back up a little and talk about the app, before we talk about my torrid excursion into online dating (is it dating?).

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Nigerian journalists confront Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe got a little more than he bargained for last week at the inauguration of Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s new president, when local journalists questioned him about his ‘refusal’ to hand over power

Is that your idea of a great man?

Having safe sex in Swahili

The re-criminalisation of homosexuality by certain African countries is a dangerous step backwards in the battle against HIV/AIDS and poses a serious health threat to these nations. Health workers hope that the freedom of the Internet will come to the rescue (here)

An African City- Africa’s answer to ‘”Sex and the City.”

It’s The African Version Of Sex In The Cit, These two ladies.. creative, intelligent, inspiring. & have heart!!. I first heard about An African City on NPR maybe a month ago. at least once a week Ill binge though the episodes & catching things I didnt before.. & learning about the way of life & loving it all.. I hope it goes on several years.. It is my new top pick for up & coming web series

Is Barthe Cortes Dead!!?

IS IT TRUE HE DIED?? any articles on his death??? i cant find any…

Eku Edewor , my number one!

Beautiful actress and talented TV personality Eku Edewor

she is sooooooo sexy:-)

Barthe Cortes – rebel ? soldier ? businessman or special agent?

There were also rumours that between 2007 and 2010 many vessel operators used BVC services to make sure their ships would be escorted through dangerous waters of the so-called “Horn of Africa”. Also in Somalia – according to the account of anonymous representative of Somali government – actions of BVC helped to recapture the most strategic locations from al-Shabab fighters and pushed them to the peripheries of the country in 2011.

Also in DRCongo, where BVC company has an airport and huge warehouses built, there are some controversial actions taken. The boss of BVC- Barthe Cortes, has been arrested twice and imprisoned for half a year, only throughout the past three years. Official reports state that the reason for the last arrest was “supporting rebellious actions”. The whole area of BVC within DRCongo is protected by armed people who return fire regularly, fighting off the rebels. The government does not approve of it, but it builds support for BC among the local peoples since BVC protects not only itself but also populations of neighbouring areas. READ THE FULL ARTICLE: THE REPORTER

President Zuma, please think like an African – it helps


As reported, he jokingly advised the meeting on the matter of e-tolls, saying South Africans must not “think like Africans in Africa generally, we’re in Johannesburg”. He is reported to have added that the Gauteng highways are “not some national road in Malawi”, to further buttress his distasteful humour.